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In this podcast, hosts Vikram Ramakrishnan and Faizaan Shamsi, partners at the software consultancy QuantLayer, talk to investors and builders of the cryptocurrency arena. We discuss how industry participants think about crypto assets, how they uncover fraud in the market, and which technologies will turn the budding, nascent crypto space into the revolutionary powerhouse early market participants had hoped for.

Oct 1, 2018

We talk with Kurt Watkins of MG Miller Intellectual Property Law. Kurt is a lawyer who works with startups and is heavily involved in the crypto space here in New York. We’re glad we were able to talk to Kurt because some of the most interesting things being done in this space are by lawyers. We talk about how he got into crypto, the Reg D offerings he’s working on (securitized real assets and intellectual goods), a utility token client he’s working with (a sort of “Ripple 2.0” project), how patents in this space work and why they aren’t so bad, hard forks and “derivative works”, and how cartographers back in the day put fake towns in maps and how that’s related to crypto. We also get into the differences between utility and security tokens, how founders can structure their offerings better, and the differences between Reg D and Reg A offerings. We also cover decentralized exchanges and alternative trading systems. If you are an entrepreneur or a lawyer interested in this space, you will find this action packed episode interesting.


  • How Kurt got interested in the Bitcoin/Blockchain space
  • His role at MG Miller
  • What a General Counsel does
  • Types of projects he's working on
  • Utility versus security tokens
  • What a utility token is
  • What a security token is
  • The differences between Reg D and Reg A offerings
  • Serious problems that stems from security tokens
  • Decentralised exchanges and alternative trading systems


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