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In this podcast, hosts Vikram Ramakrishnan and Faizaan Shamsi, partners at the software consultancy QuantLayer, talk to investors and builders of the cryptocurrency arena. We discuss how industry participants think about crypto assets, how they uncover fraud in the market, and which technologies will turn the budding, nascent crypto space into the revolutionary powerhouse early market participants had hoped for.

May 22, 2019

We explore the CrowdStrike IPO by delving into its SEC Prospectus: An examination of their technology, and in particular their approach to endpoint security. By wading through the buzzword ocean, we bring you the key areas to focus on in this S-1. We consider their network effects, notably how signing up more customers to their platform improves security of all their customers. We go through a few case studies of their Falcon product line. Finally, we look at their stated risks.


  • On CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc
  • Security Cloud
  • On Falcon platform
  • Single intelligent lightweight agent
  • Threat Graph
  • Low friction land-and-expand sales strategy
  • Cybersecurity threats are greater than ever
  • Proliferation of workloads expanding the attack surface
  • On-premise security architectures are constrained
  • Other existing security products have limitations
  • Creation of the Security Cloud
  • Growth Strategy