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In this podcast, hosts Vikram Ramakrishnan and Faizaan Shamsi, partners at the software consultancy QuantLayer, talk to investors and builders of the cryptocurrency arena. We discuss how industry participants think about crypto assets, how they uncover fraud in the market, and which technologies will turn the budding, nascent crypto space into the revolutionary powerhouse early market participants had hoped for.

Sep 9, 2019

We recap our attendance at the Blockchain Training Conference last week. We cover the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4)’s new certifications and their conference’s emphasis on developer and professional education. We also look at the slew of great talks on The Lightning Network, bitcoin privacy, and smart contracts.


  • What does C4 stands for
  • Keynote w/ Pamela Morgan and Andreas M. Antonopoulos
  • Announcement: Mastering the Lightning Network
  • C4 and it's Purpose
  • CBP Prep Course w/ Andreas
  • Lightning Network Payment Channels Update w/ Renee Pickhardt
  • Crypto for Creatives w/ Stephanie Murphy
  • Clash of Expectations - UX and usability
  • Bitcoin Privacy On and Offchain w/ Janine Römer
  • Blockchain Analysis versus Surveillance
  • Wyoming’s blockchain laws
  • Law and the Lightning network - Peter van Valkenburg, Coin Center
  • Joining the Lightning Network w/ Beatrice Leung, Project Manager at Radar
  • Advanced Lightning Applications w/ Olaoluwa Osuntokun, CTO at lightning labs aka roasbeef