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In this podcast, hosts Vikram Ramakrishnan and Faizaan Shamsi, partners at the software consultancy QuantLayer, talk to investors and builders of the cryptocurrency arena. We discuss how industry participants think about crypto assets, how they uncover fraud in the market, and which technologies will turn the budding, nascent crypto space into the revolutionary powerhouse early market participants had hoped for.

Nov 25, 2019

Edge computing is a topic that isn’t getting enough coverage. We’ve covered CDNs like CloudFlare before, but we wanted to look at Fastly, an edge computing player that went public early in 2019. On this episode, we cover edge computing topics like rapidly purged caching. We run through a few case studies of the value edge computing brings some of Fastly’s customers. We discuss major risks that the company might face and postulate on why we think they’re trading at a discount compared to other SaaS companies like CloudFlare ($NET) and Elastic ($ESTC).


  • QuantLayer Mission Statement Analysis
  • Case studies they mention in their prospectus
  • On their section called, "Our Solution: The Developer's Edge"
  • How they categorize their strenghts
  • Who are their competitors and how to they sit there
  • Major differences versus Cloudflare
  • On their sections called, "Factors Affecting Our Performance"
  • Faizaan's major concerns about Fastly